A wholesale VoIP solution, fully designed for small-to-medium sized VoIP service Providers


EasyConnect VoIP is an automated wholesale VoIP termination solution specially designed for small-to-medium sized emerging VoIP service providers. It gives access to one of the widest network of direct routes for A-Z termination, by interconnecting with a world’s top 5 voice carrier. Making the most of 500+ directs to fixed operators and 250+ directs to mobile operators, BICS is able to offer high quality termination services at cheap rates.

Fast & easy

EasyConnect VoIP allows a fast and easy interconnection process, within days, avoiding heavy investment costs and allowing to interconnect with a world-class A-Z termination carrier.

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Getting started with EasyConnect VoIP is fast and simple. Sign up now and benefit from the highest quality and most cost efficient voice routing!